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What is the process to have your child support revised in Texas?

I have been divorced for about 11 years and never went back for a revision.I get very little for 2 kids. My ex-husband works with the same company he did then so I know he makes alot more now than then. If getting half of my money from him for the kids' dr. visits and prescriptions wasn't like pulling teeth, I wouldn't care! I have to survive though, and the child support he pays doesn't even cover 1 of my kid's medicine each month. Do I need a lawyer to get a revision? What do I do? If I do have to have a lawyer, Is there any legal aide for a low income ,single parent?

What is the process to have your child support revised in Texas?
Gather up your original decree/settlement, and call around for legal counsel. Check your local court for where you may acquire legal assistance, and the steps required for such.
Reply:Get another Job and start paying for your part of raising those children...and stop living off your ex-husband child-support money...Why should he pay for your bills?

I bet you don't even let him see his kids...

children do not equal free money...

Did you save any C/S money he gave you in

the last 11 years? or invest into a college fund for them?

Or did you spend the C/S money on that cute little dress with the red shoes??? head is going to explode~!
Reply:Contact the child support office that is handeling your case, you do not have to go to court, you do not have to have a lawyer. You are allowed to ask them directly for a review every 3 years or when there has been a substancial (20%) change in income or deductions. So since you haven't asked for a review in 11 years, you are definatly allowed to ask for one now, without showing proof as to why you are asking for the review. They WILL NOT back date anything, so the sooner you ask for it, the sooner it will change. You MUST make the request in writting. He'll still have to pay 25% of his income since he is paying for two children, but it will probably be more than you are getting now since he is probably making more money now. It's really not a complicated process.
Reply:All you have to do is contact your local child support office where your checks are currently coming from. They will take care of it all. You don't need to pay for a lawyer again. A friend of mine just did this and it was really easy. I'm about to do the same thing for my child support.

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