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Stitches in mouth after wisdom tooth removal....?

I had my four wisdom teeth pulled today and I am experiencing pain on the left side, which they warned me about so I am not alarmed. However, when drinking my broth tonight I felt a tickle in my throat, left side. After poking, yanking and contorting my mouth for an hour and probably damaging myself, I figured out it is a stitch. It is invisible so I can't see it but it is a good 2 inches long. I can work in on my tongue but my husband can't see it and neither can I.

Is this something to concern me? I am afraid all my prodding was not a smart thing to do either, but it freaked me out because it kept going down my throat. Please tell me if I might have hurt myself by being a dork. I have followed all of my Dr.'s other orders.

I am a bit of a worry wart so please only answer if you know. Thank you for your time!

Stitches in mouth after wisdom tooth removal....?
The stiches are in there, and they are pretty superficial. They will probably fall out with time. Leave it alone. If you didn't increase the bleeding you are probably fine.

Mine fell out after about 5 days, and then some more fell out about 4 days later.

A lot of them will self absorb.

If you aren't hurting worse.. or if it actually going down yoru throat still... Then you can always either call your surgeon or go back in and get it cut.

It may just be in a location that is aggrevating your throat because the wisdom teeth are so far back.

You probably didn't hurt yourself... like I said... if you aren't increasing in bleeding, or hurting significantly more.... Then don't worry.... The stiches are a foreign body in your mouth, and they will aggrevate you normally.
Reply:i had the same just have to leave it alone and it will be alright ..then when it is healed enough you can have them pull them out...or you can be impatient like me and pull them out yourself (they told me it was ok to do )
Reply:Sweetie: you really should have called your doctor who did the surgery. Do they have an on call dentist or do you have his pager #. If this is not available maybe you should go to urgent care if you are really bothered by this. Good Luck
Reply:No the stitches irritating you is normal. At least they did for me. After about 2 weeks when you go back in for your check-up they will remove them.

Actually 2 out of my 3 stitches fell out on their own (by their own, I mean I pretty much ranked them out). Its been a couple years now and I have to say it was one of the best decisions I ever made.
Reply:No and if it starts to bleed you should go to your dentist or oral surgene(sp?)
Reply:I had one out and sometimes they leave the suture too long. Nothing to worry about, it will dissolve eventually.
Reply:I have all four taken out. They had to put stichs on both sides on the bottom. If it causing you discomfort you can prolly call the dentist back and he/she could trim some off for you. otherwise the will disolve on their own in about a week or two...
Reply:It is possible to rip you stitches by jacking with them. Call you dentist in the morning and tell them all about it. Until then you'll be just fine
Reply:i took my own stitches out,now i had a root canal go bad ,when a chipped bone tried to work out,now that was pain
Reply:I had my 4 widsom teeth cut out a few years ago OH THE PAIN you will probably be OK i wouldn't mess with it anymore though i found some relieve when i gargled with warm salt water the stitches should disolve on their own good luck hope you feel better soon
Reply:Oh dear. You should probably be fine, but if you're concerned just call you dentist. Ouch!
Reply:those stitches do come out on their own. its fine if they come out today or two days from now. i was always afraid of choking on them so once i noticed they came loose i took a pair of finger nail clippers cut the stitch and removed them myself. good luck i hope i helped.. IM me if you need more help.
Reply:what it seems to be is that your dentist didn't cut enough of the stitching out after he gave you the stitches. call your dentist the first opportunity you have and ask him/her if this is common.

did you go to a dentist? or did you go to an oral surgeon? oral surgeons are different than dentists btw
Reply:If you're worried, go do something about it like a quick trip to an emergency room.

Yes, you may have already yanked on it too much and possibly influenced the rate of healing. Since it's now Friday night and your oral surgeon won't see you until Monday, it's going to drive you nuts all weekend unless you have someone who knows what they're doing snip it off.

If you live near a large hospital, they may even have an oral surgeon on call.

Take care of it. It'll drive you nuts.
Reply:i had the same problem when i had mine done, and yes i did also play with my stiches quite often even though your not supose to, i even accidently ripped one..doc said it was no big deal and the gum healed up perfectly anyways. it's probably not smart to play around with it though...if the string is really bothering you go back and have it trimmed its probably just an extra piece. Im pretty sure you didn't do any lasting damage, however i would sugest trying to control the urge to keep playing with it


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