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(Repeat) constant ascites from intestinal TB for more than 6 weeks?

1.the history of the ailment

-55 yrs, male

-The patient had teeth implant with operation in the gum

in Jan. 2006

-His abdoment swallen sometime but he didn't think about

ascites since beginning of 2006

-Some pain on his waist since last July

-Some ooze from belly button in July but cured soon after

application of penicillin ointment

-He took oriental medicine since Febraury.

-May this year, he started to have ascites, losing appetite

and hospitalized

-Taking out 12 ltrs of water from the abdomen


-Dr.s diagnoses him as TB with symptoms but failed to

discover germs instead found ulcer inside the large intestine

-TB streches to peritoneum, intestine

-Having thorough check with CT, Endoscope extracted

sample check of cells, Dr.s found no evidences for cancer

-Dr.s don't know the cause of ascites


-Inh, rfp, emb, pga

4.present situation

-ascites,weak urine,no appetite,weight loss

(Repeat) constant ascites from intestinal TB for more than 6 weeks?
You seem as if you don't agree with the Dr. s diagnosis of Abdominal TB? Maybe you need some differential diagnosis?

Ascites is a condition where excess fluid collects in the space within the abdomen called the peritoneum and can result from serous (proteinacous substances), haemorraghic (blood), or tumour cells collecting within that area.

It can be due to a complication from a variety of conditions and present as a symptom for even a larger number of diseases.

%26gt;Heart Disorders%26lt;


Cor Pulmonale

Heart Failure

%26gt;Liver Disorders%26lt;

Liver cirrhosis


Obstructive Jaundice

%26gt;Kidney Disorders%26lt;

Nephrotic Syndrome

(to name a few)

I'm presuming they would have ruled out all the above with preliminary physical examinations, blood tests (Complete Blood Count, Blood Film, Urea and Electrolytes, Blood Culture), urine tests and lab tests (Chest Xray, ECG, Abdominal Ultrasound etc)

The Dr.s seem to have ruled out abdominal cancers by doing cytology (test on cells). But how about a metastatic cancer (cancer that spread)? If it's small enough it may not be picked up on a Abdominal CT (If that was what was done) and a full body CT or MRI could be done.

Also how about immunoproliferative conditions like multiple myleoma or malignant lymphoma?

Hope this helped in some way

P.S. Couldn't quite figure out what the medications represented. inH and rfp are probably isoniazid and rifampicin which is used to treat TB; not sure about the others
Reply:What are you trying to find out? I don't see a question that needs answered.
Reply:What in the world is your question???? Are you trying to get someone to do your homework assignment?

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Abscess without a tooth?

Can you get an abscess in a spot where a tooth has already been removed?

My husband has swelling and pain on the right side of his face and earlier today had bleeding from his gums where he had a tooth removed over five years ago. He described it as kind of "bursting" open and bleeding. What can be done about it without seeing a Dr. (no insurance/cash).

Abscess without a tooth?
I'm sorry, but you will need to be seen by your dentist. This could be something as simple as a root fragment working it's way out, a particle of food that became embedded in the tissue and is infected, or it could be something serious. Don't wait, in the meantime take 400-600mg of Motrin or Advil for discomfort, rinse with really warm salt water several times a day, also avoid brushing too hard over this area but do keep it clean.
Reply:to be honest, he needs to see a doc. that kind of crape can kill a person. call a dentes and see if they know some that can help you, some time they work with groups, that help people with out insurance. hope this helps, and good luck
Reply:he needs to see a dentist, dental inflammation can cause heart problems

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Help! 8mo old daughter teething and has bad diaper rash from it. What can help it?

Before I get resposes saying anything about teething not causing diaper rash - when I told Dr she was teething, first thing he asked was "How is her bottom?" Dr looked at %26amp; gave prescription and it worked, but then bottom got worse. It keeps doing this. I change her diaper at LEAST every hour and slather on ointmet. I also have tried no diaper, but the diarreah is so acidic that the VERY brief contact on legs scalled her little legs. She cries when I lay her down to change her becasue her little bottom is so raw. I feel so sorry for her. I took her back to the Dr and was given another ointment to use. It get's better, then next movement it is as bad as before or worse. My son never had a diaper rash.. I have never seen a rash this bad. It just breaks my heart. Oh! I also am limiting fruits because of the acid content. I thought we had it cleared up, but came back. She has bottom teeth in and four uppers coming in at same time so lots of saliva loosening stool.

Help! 8mo old daughter teething and has bad diaper rash from it. What can help it?
I know this will sound crazy, but my grandfather(of all people) told me to use milk of magnesia...Put some on a cotton ball and dab it on your baby's' bottom until it is covered and white..Let it air dry, and reapply, be careful though because she may "potty" before you get her diaper back on.But I PROMISE you this will work.Make sure you shake the Milk of Magnesia really well before you apply it though.My Dr had also prescribed the Nystatin and some other grainy type cream that had to mixed by the pharmacist, and nothing worked...I do know the rash you are talking about, raw, almost looks like it will bleed...Poor baby girl..It hurts to just look at it.You can also use the Wal-Mart brand or generic, just make sure it is the Milk of magnesia stuff...

Good luck, and at least give it a try... It has worked on both my kids, I'm also 7 months pregnant, and should the blasted rash appear on my next baby, I WILL use it again...
Reply:I used oatmeal baths on my boys when they had rashes..and yes they were teething when they had their rashes.
Reply:this is going to sound crazy but i promise it works. If you put flour on a frying pan and on low heat keep stirring the flour until it becomes golden brown once it does remove from heat and wait for it to cool. Once the browned flour is cool use it to dust your baby's bottom and it will take the rash away for you
Reply:Nystatin...ask your dr to prescribe some.
Reply:poor baby. :( have you tried desitin creamy? ive found that to work the best. or you can also put corn starch on her bottom. oh and also something that may help with the diarhea is giving her some bananas, that is a natural cure for diarhea. and if you take away the diarhea you take away the rash (hopefully). good luck.
Reply:i have reccomended it so many times and people are soo pleased with this i promise you it works ok. take some baking flour and put it in a frying pan on the stove. heat it and stir it until it is a light brown color and sprinkle it on like you would baby powder. every diaper change and be sure to change the childs daiper every other hour. it will make the rash start to fade within the first day. it smells bad but It works soo well and so fast. any questions and you can IM me.

My message is even being passed on!!!
Reply:I have never heard of the connection between teething and diaper rash.

Perhaps using the remedy to sooth chicken pox might work, sit her in a tub of warm water with baking soda in it.

Have you used just plain Vaseline?
Reply:a good thing that worked for my boy was babay powder and keep putting heaps on every nappy change,my boy also got it on his chest and the powder works a dream,i tried four different ointments and this worked for me give it a try also when giving her a bath no soap or anything just quick rinse with water,also another good thing to use is vaseline,vaseline will protect her skin and will ease the breakage of the skin it is very simple,cheap but hell yeah it works go try it out
Reply:Have you tried using a blow dryer on very low heat before applying the ointment and rediapering? Drying the skin will aid in the drying of the rash and speed up the process. Please use LOW heat as a baby's skin is delicate and you don't want to burn her.

It is great that you have taken her to the doctor and I sure hope her little bottom clears up soon! You are also doing the right thing by changing her so often. Unfortunately, sometimes these rashes can be rather persistent. If the rash continues, please don't be afraid to take her to the doctor again as it can turn into a yeast infection related rash (due to constant moisture) which will require further treatment.
Reply:Fanny Cream, they sell it at Walmart. It is very thick and will help to protect from the urine burning. When my daughter had it, I had a small pool, it was like for a Barbie doll, it was about 2 feet circumference, anyways I used to put Aveeno in it and let her sit in it all of the time in the middle of the living room or wherever, it seemed to help.The no-diaper thing also helps alot. Nystatin also works great, but i am sure the Dr has already given you that.
Reply:Well, different kinds of rashes require different treatment.

If the rash is complicated by yeast, you'll need an ointment from the doctor to clear it up. We always used a small amount of the prescription ointment topped off with a thick application of Aquaphor.

If it's not yeast, you can try mixing Maalox and Aquaphor. (There's a recipe in "The Girlfriends' Guide to Baby Gear.) The same ingredient that neutralizes stomach acid will help protect your baby's skin. You pour off the liquid from a bottle of plain Maalox, then apply the leftover Maalox solids with a cotton ball and and top it with Aquaphor. Or you can mix up a batch to have on hand (it keeps for six months in a sealed jar): equal parts Maalox solids and Aquaphor. It always worked for us.

I know you already know, but letting the baby's bottom air out as much as possible really does make a difference.

DON'T GIVE A BABY YOUNGER THAN ONE YEAR HONEY! Babies' immune systems aren't mature, and honey can harbor the spores that cause botulism.
Reply:My daughter did something like this, they gave me nystatin also. I finally found what worked for her though. Give her the teething tablets, I gave her quite a bit extra cuz they aren't harmful. Give her Tylenol %26amp; keep up on it. The diarrhea will lesson when she's not in pain %26amp; drooling %26amp; swallowing it all day. The other thing was use the regular desitin, The creamy does not work,comes off too easy, I tried the butt paste etc... nothing worked but the regular desitin. If you keep up on these things it should work. My daughter was so bad she gave herself a hemmorhiod. It was awful, but this really helped.
Reply:Butt Paste doesn't stink like Desitin.

You can find it at Target in the baby section.

Also, diaper rash is usually yeast related, so try to limit any sugar of any kind, even breads. The more Veggies you can get her to eat the better, they tend to be more alkaline instead of acidic.

I hope she gets better soon...:*(
Reply:Bananas sometimes helps with diarrhea so I would try a giving her a couple per day. Consider putting her on a bland diet to see if that helps. Avoid tomato based products - spaghetti, pizza, ketchup, etc.

Faithfully change her diaper after every BM. Let her play in the bathtub several times a day. Use only a couple of inches of water mixed with just a bit of mild soap - no bubble bath but baby wash would be good. After applying the ointment you can generously sprinkle cornstarch (the kind you cook with) on her bottom to help protect even more. It's smoother than powder and will help repel moisture.

My granddaughter has very sensitive skin and had diaper rash really bad when she was small. It breaks your heart to see them in so much pain. Good luck.
Reply:I am so sorry to hear about your daughter. My daughter only has one tooth and it wasn't that bad. However, I do work at a children's center and the thing I have seen work the best for diaper rash was Mary Kay nightime face cream. I know it sounds weird and how this kids mom thought to slather face cream on her kid's butt, I don't know. However, I have never seen anything work so well or so fast. This little boys diaper rash was fire engine red, rippled and cover his entire bottom, and when she brought this stuff in and put it on him it waws cleared up in less than a few hours. I know it's probably not very practical, but it's the best thing I have ever seen. I hope you find something.
Reply:Try something with Iron in it, this helps to firm up stools as well. My son had diaper rash and I pretty much had to keep his diaper off, but this can be hard to do all the time cause of the mess etc. Have you maybe tried Bag Balm it worked for me. I hope your little girl is feeling better soon I know it sucks when you see them not feeling well or in pain.
Reply:i recomend sudocreme
Reply:I find that Aquaphor cures everything. But that on her little bottom and it should clear up within 2 days.
Reply:I hope everything is ok with the baby . but have u tried cornstarch. it is cooling and it's soothing too i've tried it in my baby when she has heat bumps in her diaper. my yahoo id is dudley_space contact me so i can see how the little one is doing.
Reply:I have always use cornstarch when baies have diaper rash. sprinkle a pretty good amount everytime you change a diaper. Also like another suggested you can put a little baking soda in the bath water.
Reply:If Nystatin helped the diaper rash, it is *not* from drooling and teething. Nystatin is an antifungal. Limiting fruits will help with thrush because the yeast lives on sugars--confirmation that this is the cause. Your daughter probably has a thrush infection that is spreading through her digestive system to her butt. It is very common.

If you are breastfeeding, both you and her need treatment at the same time (and for at least a week and a half *after* there are no more symptoms). If you are bottle feeding and/or using pacifiers, you need to boil the bottles, nipples, and pacifiers once a day, and replace them once a week until this is over (in addition to treating her and/or you for thrush). If you are pumping milk, you should *only* pump for use within 24 hours until treatment is complete. Thrush can live in frozen or refrigerated milk.

Nystatin is *not* a very effective treatment for thrush anymore. Most strains have developed resistance to it. That is probably the reason it was effective at first and not anymore. And the longer it has been around (and especially following incomplete treatment), the more resistant it will be to *all* drug therapy.

By the way, drooling as a sign of teething *can* cause loose bowel movements, but it will *not* cause diarrhea. If you're not sure which your daughter has, try to figure it out. Diarrhea is unusually frequent and smells bad. If it's neither of these, it's just loose bowel movements caused by the extra liquid from all that drool. If it's diarrhea, there's probably something else going on, too. See your doctor.

Please check out the Web site listed in the sources section below for more information on thrush. (Go about 2 screen-fuls down to the section on thrush.) The doctor who wrote these handouts is a pediatrician who is an expert on breastfeeding.

I hope this helps. Good luck!!
Reply:I use a diaper rash cream called Butt Butter, my daughters pediatrician recommended it. Out of all the ointments and creams I have used it is the one with the highest zinc oxide in it.

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I lost my retainer, but I've been wearing it off and on for 7 years?

After I got my braces removed when I was 16, I started wearing a retainer at night. I remember my Dr. saying that I should still wear it every now and then to keep my teeth from shifting(which I did).

I just lost it over a month ago, and haven't worn it in around 2 months, but I'm 23 now. I know my teeth will still shift, but should I really worry about this? I'm trying to find my old orthodontist to ask her, but it's been kinda hard. Anyone been though this have any advice? Thanks

I lost my retainer, but I've been wearing it off and on for 7 years?
I got my braces off when I was 13. I wore my retainer like a good girl for years, and then decided to accept the fact that my teeth would shift slightly. I haven't worn the retainer for about 3 or 4 years. My teeth have only slightly moved. Honestly, I think too perfect teeth aren't nesecarially attractive. Think about some really beautiful individuals...they have all kinds of interesting teeth...gaps, crooked spaces, etc.

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Have you ever seen really advanced dental disease in a young dog?

My husband is a magnet for "misfit" dogs. He brought home a tiny malnourished chi-mix Sat. It has bright eyes and a "young" face, but horrible teeth. He has lost 7 of them so far. I took him to the clinic for shots, Clavamox, and to schedule full extraction of the teeth. They are all black, and the dog has lost bone in the front of the bottom jaw. Dr. says he looks about 2, has one dislocated knee, and several problems with his coat due to lack of food. He was 4.1lbs on Sat. I have never seen a young dog so badly deprived before. And I had no idea that starving a dog like that caused tooth loss. He can walk now and is eating baby food. He came from the south Chicago area.

They are doing surgery next week because they have to wait for some of the infection to abate before they can do anything for him. He is eating now, and has gained 4oz since Sat.

Have you ever seen really advanced dental disease in a young dog?
Yup, and it was because the dam(mother) wasn't cared for. Malnutrition can be passed through to the pups bones and teeth. This pup may also develop bowed legs.
Reply:Sorry to say but, Horrible what people do to their dogs! Yes the back can be hunched from malnutrition too. Its called Roach Backed. Sometimes it is genetic, malnutrition or too many pups that cause it. In this case I would dare to say malnutrition is the culprit. Good Luck and Thanks. Report It

Reply:Yes, I have seen it before. Unfortunately with those little dogs if they don't get enough to eat their bodies just seem to fall apart. I don't think it's as much of a problem with most of the larger dogs but the little ones really seem to suffer from a lack of food, even for just a short while.

The hunched back is common to malnourished animals. Not just dogs. Hopefully this little guy gets better quickly now that he is receiving proper care.
Reply:OMG!! This totally breaks my heart. Thank God your husband found him in time. My Sheltie is 2 and we had her teeth cleaned for the first time about a month ago. I brush them but not regular. I saw a lot of redness around her gum line and I freaked out, that will never happen again, her teeth are brushed every day. My husband and I were shocked that her teeth had gotten that bad in only 2 yrs and with us brushing...sometimes. Good luck to your new baby!!
Reply:ya that is possible. esspecially is they have not eaten.
Reply:Report that "breeder" to the SPCA - sounds awful.

Sometimes dogs just have a genetic predisposition to bad teeth - I've seen a 3 year old dog lose all it's teeth and suffer a broken jaw from periodontal disease...
Reply:My little black Pom has a slight hunch back, her spine curves to the left and she had missing teeth when I got her at 1 year old. I call her a dwarf because her body is also disproportioned like dwarfism is in people. She just turned 6 and she is missing half her teeth in spite of brushing and dental cleanings.

I don't know what the breeder did to her. Long story, but I didn't pick her out, she was given to me by my sister-in-law.


You can see by her photo that she doesn't sit normally, either. She's always curved and tilted. But I love her to death and she has the sweetest disposition.


Is this i a jaw problem or a normal tooth ace?

i am having some problem with my jaw joint on the left side when sometimes i am opg or closing my mouth it sound cracks %26amp; sometimes it locks but after some time its normal again its not a frequent problem just occational but still i want to take care. and now one more time its worse. bcoz i think due to this i am having prob in my ear its like its throbbing from inside when i got the same prob last time the ear dr told me its nothing wrg with ur ear its just clean (6 months back %26amp; 1 year back)

so this time i went to dentist so she said even though i have a tooth problem ( a upper back tooth badly spoilt since years and almost half broken by now) its not bcoz of the tooth it might be a jaw problem. so i wanna know if she is right or just trying to make money fooling me? should i visit her again or should i consult another dr ear or normal phisician or an another dentist?

Is this i a jaw problem or a normal tooth ace?
i think you have a temporomandibular joint dislocation i dnt know hard to say need to see it first to check... i think you need to consult an expert to have it check... maybe do some radiographs.... do it ASAP...
Reply:You possibly have something as common as TMJ if you have a toothache with it i woud suggest buying some PURE VANILLA EXTRACT and swishing it in your mouth til the burn goes out of it and spit it out DO NOT SWALLOW it. after your tooth pain is gone i would suggest 3 things. 1.massaging your face at the side cheekbone i talk alot so i have to do this alot and it relaxes your facial muscles .Don't bite your nails it only contributes to the problem at hand.

3. do not prop your chin in your hand to rest because it puts pressure on the jaw bone
Reply:I have TMJ, atleast that is what the dentist told me years ago. Same symptoms as you, people will tell you all different things to do for it, but when it hurts it hurts. It is a jaw problem, more like a joint problem where you jaw detaches from your scull. Best advise I can give is go to a dentist. When you have a toothache or broken toothe it will bother you a lot more. And it should bother you right at the bottom of your ear behind the lobe. Try a warm rag on that, I have had that hurt for a week before, sometimes a warm compress will help. Good Luck. Get into a dentist as soon as you can.

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Are humans vegetarians or omnivores?

Dr. Richard Leakey, a renowned anthropologist, summarizes, "You can't tear flesh by hand, you can't tear hide by hand. Our anterior teeth are not suited for tearing flesh or hide. We don't have large canine teeth, and we wouldn't have been able to deal with food sources that require those large canines."

The long human intestinal tract actually makes it dangerous for people to eat meat. The bacteria in meat have extra time to multiply during the long trip through the digestive system, and meat actually begins to rot while it makes its way through the intestines. Many studies have also shown that meat can cause colon cancer in humans.

Are humans vegetarians or omnivores?

Just because nuts have more total protien, doesn't mean its the same as protien from meat. We get complete protiens, which contain all the amino acid you body needs. Plants contain incomplete protiens, which do not have all the amino acids that your body needs. A variety of plants must be eaten to get all the necessary amino acids. This is evidence that we evolved as omnivores because there are few if any places that have enough of a variety locally to support vegetarian humans.

Whether or no we shouldn't eat meat now that we can get other food and be healthy is a completely different argument than if we evolved to bo omnivores.


The idea that we were not designed to eat meat is complete and utter BS.

We are most definately omnivores. We die if we don't get meat. We can substitues, but it must be done carefully because plants do not provide complete protiens. They must be combined to survive. This is only possbile now because we can ship different plants from around the world that can be properly combine. There are few if any places in the world where humans could have enough options to get protiens though places other than meat. We could not run out and take down a deer with our bare hands because we have evolved using tools and our brains.

Don't turst an argument just because its from an "expert". He is an anthropolgist. He is not an expert in anatomy. Do not trust him.

Meat does not causse colon cancer. It has been shown that diets high in meat might increase the risk. This is VERY different from "causing" cancer. If it caused cancer we would have died out long ago.

Become a vegetarian for personal reasons, not because of what people like this jackass say. Vegetarians are considered healthier because they pay closer attention to their health than most other people. You can still eat meat and be healthy.

*Anyone who thinks that humans are not desined to eat meat, PLEASE explain to me how you think this is possible if 99.9% of humanity would become malnourished if they only ate what would be in their local environment.

Just because an explaination sounds nice and comes from "experts" doesn't mean it can't be full of poo. Use your head. People can only be counted on as experts if they are speaking within their own field of study, and even then there are tons of bozos being disowned by their collegagues. We will DIE if we do not eat meat unless we take tons of caution and imort food from around the world. We are OMNIVORES. You think eating meat is wrong, don't eat it. Don't claim its bad for us just because you want it to be.

*Note on protien added
Reply:"The grading of forms, organic functions, customs and diets showed in an evident way that the normal food of man is vegetable like the anthropoids and apes and that our canine teeth are less developed than theirs and that we are not destined to compete with wild beasts or carnivorous animals." - Charles Darwin.

The “mystery” of apes for occasional violent behavioral, while meat eating habit was not well studied. What they do eat is fruit, seeds, leaves, flowers, and pith. There is a category called "Miscellaneous", which for most species amounts to less than 5% of their diet, and for chimps and redtail monkeys less than 1%. Any way you slice it, their diet is at least 95% plants. Nevertheless human should not compare to a chimp, does not require meat to become occasionally violent, neither for survival anymore.

There is no question that humans are capable of digesting meat. But just because we can digest animals does not mean we're supposed to, or that it will be good for us. We can digest cardboard. That does not mean we should.

Among all creatures on the earth, only human “omnivore” (psychological myth) that our tooth could not crush the bones and shell. Though how well you cook, our digestive system could not assimilate the bones and shell. Hence, human body does not “tolerate” to dietary bones, shells, excessive fat, skin, intestines and blood. The more meat we eat, the sicker we get. Meat is poison to us. It's the primary reason we get heart disease, cancer, diabetes, osteoporosis, and every other major degenerative disease. If eating meat were natural, it wouldn't destroy our health.

If you often relate a man to the closest primate like chimps, why don’t you collaborate with other major apes like guerillas? No where man could pursuit the diet perfection of omnivores like bears and dogs, lol!

Put aside all our psychological belief. If you know a bit science, teach your kids some scientific facts that human anatomy is more resembled to vegetarian diet…
Reply:King makes sense!