Saturday, July 25, 2009

Here's a riddle?

Sue Sugar had a toothache. She went to the only dentist office in town where she was greeted by Dr. Molar and Dr. Bicuspid, the partners. She noticed that whereas Dr. Molar had a wonderful set of teeth, his partner's teeth seemed in urgent need of attention.

With which partner should she book her appointment and why?

Here's a riddle?
Dr. Bicuspid because he did his partner's teeth
Reply:Dr. Bicuspid because Dr. Molar couldn't do his own teeth.
Reply:Dr.bicuspid because he is the one who made dr.molars teeth perfect and dr.molar screwed up bicuspids teeth
Reply:dr bi because he goes both ways
Reply:Dr.Molar ....becoz Good Dentist allway's have good teeth...
Reply:Dr Bicuspid... he did the work on Dr. Molar
Reply:its all about hygiene, would u order popcorn from the attendant wit gloves on or the one with chocolate stains on their hands with no gloves?
Reply:Dr. Two points, because I need them.
Reply:Dr. Bicuspid because he did Dr.Molar's teeth, but Dr. Molar doesn't do teeth good that is why Dr. Bicuspid has bad teeth.
Reply:The one with the nasty teeth cuz he helped the other dentist with his nice teeth
Reply:I really don't get the riddle

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