Friday, July 31, 2009

Double mandible fracture and getting tooth pulled? any help?

my husband was hit in the jaw two days ago, and his lower jawbone was fractured twice,once on the right side where it hinges from the ear area..and once in the front of the left side..he went to the oral surgeon and they said they needed to pull a tooth(which is broken) and they scheeduled him for tomorrow to get the extraction. the tooth is right on the left frontal fracture..right on top of it. the tooth is broken off at gum level and the dr before said they would have to break the jaw to get it out anyways..but i was just wondering...wont getting the tooth pulled and yanked on .. on top of the fractured part..make the fracture open up more? any advice or insight welcome

Double mandible fracture and getting tooth pulled? any help?
Hi, I noticed there weren't any answers yet to this question. In general, if the recommended treatment is extraction of a tooth, than it would be the best solution for his particular mouth and jawbone fracture problem. I highly recommend that you and he call the dentist or oral surgeon who will be performing the surgery to ask for more information and what to expect. The dentist/oral surgeon will be happy to provide any information and/or reassurance about why the procedure is the best course of action and what to expect.

Regarding the surgery itself, follow any pre-and post operation instructions carefully. The oral surgeon performing the surgery will most likely use a general or local aneasthesia during the surgery and will prescribe either prescription pain-killing medicine or over-the-counter pain-killers for afterwards.

Best of luck with everything.

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