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My almost 5.5 month old wakes up every 1.5-2 hours at night, how do I get her to sleep?

She wakes up crying during her naps during the day and at night. She's been doing that for almost a month. She's previously woken crying, but not like this. The dr said she's cutting teeth but that shouldn't be her problem and there's no ear infection. She wakes up hungry and eats alot till she falls asleep at night (i'm breastfeeding), during the day I just have to soothe her and walk her around, but it's all gotten worse the past few days. The dr thinks I just need to stop feeding her at night, give her water if needed and don't put her down asleep right after eating, and cry it out some, as it's confusing her sleep cycle and so she can't soothe herself to sleep. She wakes totally up and cries loud and lots of tears, so just trying to not pick her up seems impossible. Any ideas? does he sound correct? Thanks!

My almost 5.5 month old wakes up every 1.5-2 hours at night, how do I get her to sleep?
Well, lemme ask you this, are you exclusively nursing?

If you are, is there a possibility you could bottle-feed the breastmilk, and put some cereal in it?

I'd ask the doc about that. It seems to me it's probably a combination of hunger and teething. She's at the perfect age for it.

I know it must be hard, but hang in there.

And believe me, I KNOW how hard it is to not pick up your screaming child!!! :-)
Reply:Put a little whiskey on her gums.
Reply:she very well could be cutting teeth, there are drops that you can purchase in CVS to help her with the process...have you ever had her on a sleep/eating schedule? Getting her on one could be advantageous, right now, I have a baby who is 10 weeks old (not the first baby either) and is on a schedule for eating and sleeping %26amp; is almost predictable, while she sometimes does wake up in the middle %26amp; cries a little she tends to soothe herself after time, letting them cry even for 45 minutes is OK, after you do it a few times you will get used to it, believe me!!
Reply:you could always try some formula, that keeps babies full for longer. Also it could be maybe some heartburn/indigestion for the baby if you lay her down right after eating. My niece and my son are on baby zantac for heartburn. Symptoms include sudden bursts of screaming, lots of spitting up...etc.
Reply:My niece had that same problem. Her daughter was 6 months old and would take a couple of 20 minute naps during the day. Then at night, she was up every two hours. I've never seen a baby who could get by with so little sleep! She tried everything the doctor said. I was worried about her because she was a working mom and not getting any sleep, and she looked like it. Finally at 8 months she started getting her down for longer periods at night... around 4 hours at a pop. Now, at a year, that baby is down all night. So, hang in, Mommy, and take care of yourself , too. You, too, just may have a baby that doesn't need that much sleep. But when they start crawling and walking, they use more energy and things will change.
Reply:I dont breastfeed. I have a 6month old boy. He has been sleeping thru the night for a long time now. It was really hard but you should try what the doctor tells you and as long she is getting enough to eat during the day she really doesnt need the night feedings. So take it one step at a time and start letting her cry it out till she goes back to sleep or the nights wont get any better for you. If you know for sure she isnt ill then she will be ok. If she is teething get her some nighttime formula orajel. That might work. She is probably going thru a lil growing spurt maybe too that would make her a lil more fussy and more hungry. That is pretty much all I can suggest. I hope the sleeping situation gets better for you that is alot of waking up!
Reply:well we used to put ours on top of the dryer while it was running,it would put her right to sleep.but that was 18 yrs ago and they make dryers a little more smoother now, also it may be consider child abuse !
Reply:Hi i know what your going through my 3rd little girl was just the same, she was constantly feeding and eating i was advised to give her a formula bottle to go off to sleep and it worked like a dream! You can keep breastfeeding aswell but for rest time try a bottle!

hope this helps
Reply:growth spurt. In a few days her diapers won't fit at all.

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