Saturday, July 25, 2009

Sudden Milk Allergy in 6-1/2 Month Old?

My Daughter was exclusively breastfed for four months at which time we started rice cereal. We started fruits and veggies at 5 months. Starting at 6 months, my milk supply started a rapid decline and despite my best efforts to correct it, she is now a happy, healthy formula baby - well she was until a couple of days ago. All of a sudden she started vomiting and having diarrhea. She has no fever or any other sick symptoms whatsoever and she is not fussy, she just won't hardly take a bottle. When she does take a bottle, she just throws up everything she ate. She keeps down baby food and pedialyte, just not formula. The Dr. thinks it may just be a stomach bug. She did have some sort of a bug 2 weeks ago, but she also had runny nose, fever, etc. She is nothing like she was then. Is it possible she is allergic to her formula? I have also checked for teeth, but still none. Oh, btw Dr. says no formula or food til tomorrow - strictly pedialyte, so I cannot try different formula yet.

Sudden Milk Allergy in 6-1/2 Month Old?
My son is allergic to milk and soy. We found out when he was 3 weeks old (we were supplementing with formula and breastfeeding). My son developed excessive gas, colic and then started having bloody, mucousy diarrhea. Which are classic milk allergy symptoms.

I had to go on a dairy and soy free diet, and dr changed his formula to alimentum. Milk proteins also go through breast milk. I was able to go 1 month exclusively breastfeeding and if I even had a teaspoon of butter my son would scream for hours even at 4 months old.

If your baby didn't have colic or anything, I would say it's probably not a milk allergy. She probably picked up a bug somewhere.

You really don't want her on the hypoallergenic formula unless she has to be, it's super expensive $25 for a 16oz can.

Good luck! Hope your little one is feeling better soon.
Reply:Trial and error is the only way to know for sure. I nursed til past a year, so I never went through this, but I used to babysit for a girl that did.
Reply:yes she could be allergic,it recently happened to a friend of mine. you could either change the formula or put her on regular 2 percent milk.
Reply:My mom had the same exact problem with my youngest brother. He didn't have milk or formula allergies, his body was simply too sensitive for the formula/milk. My guess is your daughter has a sensitive stomach at this age. Try goats milk because it is easier and healthier for infants/toddlers to digest. At about a year and a half, start to dilute the goats milk with cows milk and see how she handles it.


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