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Are those dental bones for toy dogs safe?? dog has awful breath read on..?

im scared to give them to my yorkies.. do you know of any that are safe? they got thier teeth cleaned prof. in july. but sebastian my oldest one has such awful breath!!! has since i got him..he is 5 yrs old.. i got him last spring. and he has seen the dr. nothing is wrong with his teeth,. when he gets close its like ugghhhh , ive tried herbal supplements and tea biscuts... thanks for any advice.

Are those dental bones for toy dogs safe?? dog has awful breath read on..?
Hi there,

OK #1 I really hope you are not feeding him Canned food as that is the number 1 source of bad breath among other issues with Yorkies

#2 you are going to want to feed him a good food I feed mine 2 different types of food they get Beniful Puppy and Pedigree small breed small crunch bites and we never ever have a issue with breath and I have 5 Pomeranian's and 2 Yorkies

If you want you can Instant Message me and we can share ideas as I have allot of knowledge with Yorkies I have been a Owner breeder for about 15 years now My name is Anne

Good Luck

Respectfully yours

Reply:yes i give my dachund a dental bone buy the small oneit goog for the breath
Reply:Some vets carry a stick called CET that is fairly safe. Keep in mind dogs can choke on most of these when they get small so should only be given when you are there watching.
Reply:What do you mean they are not safe?

i give them to my dog alll the time?

they arent safe?!?!

good question!
Reply:Go to Petco. They have doggie spray for bad breath. I use it all the time. I have heard letting them chew on mint works too.
Reply:What about brushing their teeth, as often as you can?

This would help tremendously and will work better than any bone or spray you can find for dog breath.

I say this because I brush the teeth of my 2 cats and dog, and don't notice any odors.

Might give it a try. :)

You can pick up a toothbrush and toothpaste from your Vet or local pet shop.
Reply:greenies!!!! my dogs don't care for them but my friend who is a vet tech gives them to her dogs all the time and they love them.
Reply:Yorkies have famously bad teeth and breath... there is now a vaccine available to combat the worst of the worst aerobic bacteria that get under plaque and decay teeth. Oxyfresh has a product called oral hygiene solution that you add to drinking water to help keep plaque from building up and make breath smell better. If your vet doesn't carry Oxyfresh products just look online. Greenies dental treats are now a new, safer formulation, and you can get teeny or petite ones for small dogs. Good luck!!
Reply:I give my dogs greenies for their breath. They work and both my dogs love them. They make different sizes so you can get the right one for your size dog. Charco-caps are also suppose to be good to clean up doggie breath. You could try brushing his teeth too after he eats. Hope this helps.
Reply:There are dental bones for your sized dogs. Go to a major pet store and ask for ones your dogs size and I wouldn't recommend giving this to your dog more than weekly.

On a day to day basis, there are treats put out by a few different companies that are formulated specifically for teeth and breath. Get a holistic brand.

There are also doggie breath mints sold in large pet stores. (Yip Yap's) I had a German Shepherd dog that liked to have those soft peppermints ( for humans) and would eat one or two of them a few times a week.

My GSD also liked Altoids! They are really strong but hey, she loved to chew them up.

You can also get these disposable doggie toothbrushes that slip on your finger and get doggie toothpaste and that can help too, if you brush the dogs teeth daily.
Reply:Get your dog some charcoal biscuits

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