Saturday, July 25, 2009

Spot on baby's emerging tooth?

My baby is a late teether: She is just getting her first tooth at 10.5 months. It is barely emerging from the gumline, but there appears to be a tiny brownish spot already on the tooth! I've tried to brush it away with the baby toothbrush, but no luck.

She has a bottle of juice maybe 1-2 times a week. We have never let her take a bottle to bed, not even once. I know about bottle mouth/teeth, but this is her first tooth! Is it possible for a tooth to grow in with problems/decay?

I am about to call her ped, but I thought I'd ask around and see if anyone has had a similar experience and knew anything about this? Dr Google isn't saying much yet!


Spot on baby's emerging tooth?
It's not decay, it's a damaged nerve in her tooth. I have one and it's always been there..she probably hit her tooth on something and damaged a nerve which is what that spot is. It's totally fine..nothing you did wrong :-)
Reply:i had the same thing on my tooth when i was a baby. It was a darker spot..they said it was just a calcium spot / marbilization or something. It wasnt harmful at all. Unfortunately it came in on that same tooth when my adult tooth grew in so i got it capped but its nothing anyone did..just the way it happens sometimes.
Reply:My child and my friends child went through the same thing on both front teeth at that age. It was apparantly too much iron. i had been giving him an iron supplement and stopped after that. it finally went away.

Still, ask your Dr. to make sure.


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