Saturday, July 25, 2009

Denist visits that involve tooth pulling?


I am 12 and about a year ago I got 2 teeth pulled, I broke out in hives and freaked out! So today I got a tooth pulled and I freaked out and didnt want to open my mouth, I was bawling. {I freak myself out!}

My denist {Dr. Cherry} said, "Kyndell" and I was like, "What?"

He said, "Look at me! {i did} and he was like your crying makes my biz. look bad! Theres tons of little kids in here and they probley wont come back because of your crying!"

I was thinkin in my brain 'ya these kids will never come back because of me...ya right!'

He's a good denist but I freak out about tooth pulling...and he doesn't like that!

What can I do?

I always get numed and that dont hurt just the pulling part!

Denist visits that involve tooth pulling?
I've had 3 teeth pulled, myself. What helped me was hearing what one dentist would say throughout the procedure. He would ask me if I was feeling pressure, or pain. There is a big difference. True, pressure is uncomfortable, but pain is another story. I still don't know what he would have done for pain (probably numb me more), but since I began to distinguish pain from pressure, I realized that it's not that bad. The last thing most anyone will tell you is to concentrate on what's going on, but I would advise you to just concentrate on it for a couple minutes next time your in the dentist chair. Doesn't matter what the procedure (tooth pulling, filling, whatever), just think about what is going on and see if you can tell apart pain from just pressure. I find that in the back of my head, the automatic reaction when I feel something, and I haven't been paying attention, the signal is pain. Whereas, if I pay attention, I can tell that it really doesn't hurt. Everyone is different. Hope this helps.
Reply:Kyndell, Just quit it! It really doesn't hurt, its not fun , but it doesn't hurt! No one likes going go the dentist. No matter what age you are , its not fun for anyone. What separates people, at any age is , courage, strength , and how they accept challenges that life throws them. At 12, you are no longer a baby and almost a teenager. Wow, how wonderful. Take a deep breath the next time you are in a position that makes you afraid. Relax, and draw that courage that is deep inside you and be an example to those younger kids in that waiting room. They will think you are amazing.


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