Friday, July 31, 2009

How can I find info on OBGYN?

I live in a small town and my family Dr is no longer doing OB stuff so they refured me to a nother dr. My thing is I am very pick about who I go to and I have never heard of this Dr. new in town. I don't really have any friends so I can't ask around and I don't know/ think there is any services here for that. Does anyone have any Ideas.

I also have med issues and am worried this dr is going to think the worst when he see's me. I weigh 95lbs and live in a big meth town. I also have bad teeth so people assume the worst. My family Dr knows the truth and is really nice about it.

Sorry for rambiling just worried

How can I find info on OBGYN?
Ok, well you can research the new dr onnline. just type their name into google. i say you should meet with the dr and see if you like him/her before making a decision. Finding a good dr is important. If your regular dr referred you, he must have trust in this person. If you trust your current dr you should trust his referral. Dont make a decision with out meeting this new dr first. And, be up front about your dr with your issues. They have had a lot of experience dealing with many different situations, you will be fine. Good luck
Reply:I agree with the previous post. Call and set up a interview. Have a list of questions ready and bring your husband/boyfriend or family member with you so they can help you ask questions if you get nervous. That is what I did. I had to go to a few before I found one that I liked. She was great and exactly what I wanted.


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