Friday, July 31, 2009

Need advice on what if any dental can be done to fix my mouth Implants etc. a Needed miracle my partial hurts?

I am so upset %26amp; hurting.what to do about my mouth . I spent my savings on my teeth %26amp; the dentist a big name in nc ,Dr. Lane (terrible).Made a MEss. my husbands In iraq (reservist)%26amp; not getting enough pay to hardly support us. I was in a wreck (4 back surgerys) now disabled( not getting disablility yet). I have a parcial I cannot wear %26amp;the teeth left that he filled are unfilled. None of this was due to me not taking care of my teeth, due to medicines%26amp; bechet disease %26amp; the wreck knocked a few out. I heard I could go out of the country %26amp; get cheaper dental. There are dental clinics here but no oral surgeans at them.My kids want to see me smile,I do not even want to leave home because I am embrassed .I cry when I think of the money I spent with that dentist .I confronted him %26amp; nothing . He got his money.Even the crowns came off. With 4 kids %26amp; Our income cut in half I need a miracle what is so sad is My husband coming home to me like this.In pain and a disqusting mouth.And broke to boot.

Need advice on what if any dental can be done to fix my mouth Implants etc. a Needed miracle my partial hurts?
I am so sorry about your situation. Have you filed a complaint against this dentist? I would definitely consult a lawyer--most reputable lawyers will give a free consultation at the first visit. If he thinks you have a valid malpractice case, he will take a percentage of your settlement, so you will not have to pay any money up front. Make sure to pick a lawyer who specializes in malpractice. You may also want to consider filing a small claims lawsuit against him if you don't want to go the lawyer route, but it sounds like you have a valid case for malpractice. As for taking care of the problem now, check to see if you have a nearby college that does dentistry work--it is very cheap and supervised step by step by the instructor. Are you eligible for insurance through the reserves? Have you checked with your local Public Aid department to see if you qualify for help? Some townships pay for emergency medical care as well as the Salvation Army; if they can't help you perhaps they will know of someone who can. If you do find someone to do your dental work, make sure you have someone take pictures of your mouth and teeth with as much detail as possible, you will need these in the event you sue that piece of scum doctor. Keep a well-detailed file of all your medical documentation so far, and keep proof of your financial losses and chronic pain. The more detailed your proof, the better able a lawyer will be able to determine if you have a legitimate case. Good luck and may God bless you and your family, and the safe return of your hubby.
Reply:Oh my God, I'm so sorry. The only things I can think to help you, is check on line, to see if there are any Dental Schools, that could help you, or, check on clinics, where people without Ins. or Money, might see you. Some Dental Schools, may see %26amp; help you without charge, just explain everything you did on here %26amp; someone is bound to come through, just don't give up. You might even be able to apply for Medicaid, because of low, or no, income. My Prayers are with you dear, please try these things, you have nothing alse to lose. I' ll be thinking of you.

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