Thursday, April 16, 2009

Why does it cost so much to close the TEETH GAP ?

Guys, Since I don%26#039;t have Ortho Coverage in my dental plan, I am looking any options that I can do or can get it done by dentist cheap.

I know braces is one option.. but I did not understand why it costs thousands of dollars for the braces ? Can%26#039;t I buy and fit them my self ?

Why does it cost so much to close the TEETH GAP ?

What are the alternatives if I want to do my self or get it done for couple of hundreds of dollars (rather than thousands) ?

Experts/ Dr. please help.

Why does it cost so much to close the TEETH GAP ?
I%26#039;m really confused as to how you think you could buy braces and fit them on yourself....really really confused.

Anyway, orthodontic work is never going to be cheap. Lots of damage can be done by not properly aligning the teeth. That is why you have Dr.%26#039;s do it.

Even if you went with something like invisalign instead of traditional braces you still need a Dr. to do the fittings. They need to take x-rays and molds. There is a lot more to it than just pushing teeth together. If the gap is that important to you then find a new job with dental coverage. I guess you could go to a dental school and offer to be a guinea pig for some orthodontic students. I%26#039;m sure that would be quite cheap.
Reply:ITS because the medicines are expensive....also the treatment is expensive yeah.. BUT I think it shouldn%26#039;t be expensive because for some people who can%26#039;t afford, are obviously not so happy- SAD.


Like you said %26quot;can%26#039;t I buy and fit them by my self%26quot;, NO, you can%26#039;t because it is illegal to do this without a doctor%26#039;s prescription, in some countries you can buy them and fit it by yourself BUT it is illegal.

I would recommend you to stick with a doctors about your braces work....Don%26#039;t worry about the money because %26quot;NOTHING COSTS MORE THAN YOUR HEALTH%26quot;.
Reply:get insurance.
Reply:Actually, at this time insurance will not help you. There are some orthodontic insurances available but they have long waiting periods, and are not financially meaningful. Your best bet today is to enroll in one of the discount dental plans. They all include braces, and can save you 10-60%, some more others less. Some suggestions below.

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