Thursday, April 16, 2009

Part of my gums is growing up between my two teeth?

i have braces, but i know it%26#039;s not from them because it%26#039;s happened to my boyfriend who has never had braces.

two bottom front teeth have them gums between them growing up between the teeth and it%26#039;s like on my teeth. i%26#039;m freaked out because not only does it look disgusting, i%26#039;m worried it%26#039;s going to somehow affect my braces or teeth and something will go wrong. [I have an ortho. appt. soon and he%26#039;s also my dr. so I%26#039;m waiting till then to show him if it%26#039;s still there it%26#039;s the earliest appt. available]

Anyone know what this is and/or how I can fix it?

Part of my gums is growing up between my two teeth?
When tissue swells, bleeds, hurts or is red it is your body trying to fight off something that is irritating it (infection). Whether you have braces or not, this will happen. Sometimes medications cause swelling to occur in the gum tissues. Some patients, I think have allergic reactions to the metal in the brackets. Once the tissues start to swell like you are describing, it can be very difficult to get it to stop while wearing braces. Mostly this is because braces are hard to keep clean and with swelling gums, the plaque can hide even better. I recommend you use a rotary type toothbrush that is rechargeable. They work really well to invigorate the gums and clean all the nooks and crannies. You may need a prescription rinse to help keep plaque germs down, but at least use some Listerine or the new Crest rinse that fights the bacteria. Keep the gum tissue very, very clean especially inbetween. Have your teeth cleaned 3 or 4 times a year during braces if the swelling doesn%26#039;t get better.
Reply:Probably because of your braces or an infection
Reply:Yes, be sure to let your doctor know. It sounds like you have a gum infection.
Reply:It could simply be your gums are growing.

They would naturally do that if we never brushed our teeth or flossed.

I suggest brushing specifically in that area, and especially flossing. It%26#039;s very difficult with braces, but it should recede back to the base of the tooth.

Worst case scenario is it is a gum infection. Make sure you keep strong dental hygine.

Ask you orthodontist, though, he probably knows more than me!

Good Luck, - Peter [:

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