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I thought of something,in 1996 my Dr. put me on valporic acid for anxiety i took this med. 250 mg. twice a?

day up untill this past May. I quit it because I was having a tooth pulled,I never went back on it. I have had most of these awful problems since quitting it,I wonder,did I do wrong quitting it cold turkey.At the time I didnt think it helped me that much,but I sure didnt have the anxiety and all the problems I do now,without it. It was a Dr. from along time ago that put me on it,my Dr. I have now never understood why that Dr. put me on it.Any ideas?

I thought of something,in 1996 my Dr. put me on valporic acid for anxiety i took this med. 250 mg. twice a?
I have permanent side effects from taking various prescription drugs in the past. I don%26#039;t know of any solutions though. Sorry.

In my view they are basically making us junkies with these drugs. And just as somebody is permanently altered by those isolates (cocaine, LSD, heroin etc), so too can Paxil, Effexor, Zyprexa, and other drugs permanently affect us.

For me, although it hasn%26#039;t removed the symptoms from those nasty drugs I haven%26#039;t taken for years, meditation has helped me more than anything. And unlike drugs, it doesn%26#039;t mess with my sense of identity, but strengthens it.
Reply:valproic acid is an anti-convulsant - did you ever have a seizure disorder?? it is also known by the name depakote, and can be used to treat not only seizures, but migraine headaches, bipolar disorder, and can also be used as a mood stabilizer if you have severe depression or psychotic behavior. it is a drug that should be tapered off if you want to stop taking it, meaning that quitting it cold turkey can cause alot of problems, including anxiety and increased restlessness. sounds like by the dosage youre on (250mg twice a day) you were put on it to prevent migraines as that is the typical dosage for migraine prevention. have you been having increased headaches since you have been off this drug? anyways you may want to go back on this medication and go see your doctor to get a prescription. if you dont want to be on it anymore talk to yoru doctor - he/she can set you up a schedule for tapering it off gently.
Reply:I have GAD and my doctor put me on Lexapro. It has been working for me for over a year. No more anxiety attacks or anything. I think your doctor did what he thought best but now that there are new prescriptions available, you might wanna look into getting another one.

By the way, I quit Lexapro because i had my four wisdom teeth removed. after 2 weeks, i noticed the anxiety come back in full. started back up on lexapro, gave it a couple weeks to start working, and now I%26#039;m much better and finished the first week of college with no problem. i think it was bad for you to stop, but now that you are back with problems, start back up again and get help. GOOD LUCK!
Reply:I have a friend who was prescribed valproic acid for anxiety/depression and it really helped him. It%26#039;s an anti-siezure drug that%26#039;s also used for mood problems. Sometimes a drug takes effect gradually, and you don%26#039;t realize how well it works until you quit taking it. I think you should ask that doctor about your starting it up again. Anxiety can really interfere with your ability to function, and if you didn%26#039;t have bad side effects, the valproic acid sounds like a good thing for you.
Reply:I%26#039;m on Valporic acid 500mgm 3x a day. This drug is Depakote. It%26#039;s a mood stabilizer. It%26#039;s usually given for bipolar disorder. Without it, one tends to stay on the manic stage. I was on Paxil for a long time and it didn%26#039;t help for my anxiety and depression. Depakote seems to work. I%26#039;m also taking Wellbutrin which is for depression. You have to go back on it. If a doctor ordered it from long time ago, how did you get it refilled. Besides, you said you felt better while on it. Maybe the doctor had a reason. Why don%26#039;t you let your present doctor evaluate you and see if there%26#039;s a need for it? I hope the doctor you%26#039;re referring to in here is a psychiatrist. Without it, the symptoms can run from being anxious, insomnia, racing thoughts, fast speech and restlessness.

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