Monday, April 20, 2009

Had a tooth pulled yesterday morning, is taco salad okay to eat. Dr. orders say light food, so salad is okay ?

ppl that have had this done, will certain foods (i know no spicy or caffeine) irritate healing.

Had a tooth pulled yesterday morning, is taco salad okay to eat. Dr. orders say light food, so salad is okay ?
you also don%26#039;t want anything with small bits that can get into the hole where your tooth was and can lead to infection. Also taco salad usually has crunchy tortilla shell or strips in it - those have sharp edges that would hurt and could cause you to bleed, which could also lead to infection. You want to stick with food that is soft and smooth in consistency.
Reply:A taco salad is too much but a regular salad is okay. When you pick your dressing the best one is blue cheese. It doesn%26#039;t have allot of acid to irritate that area. I know it is rough but follow the doctors orders. I had all 4 of my wisdom teeth pulled at the same time. it took a week for me to get back to normal.
Reply:i think he meant something you don%26#039;t have to chew much

Reply:I probably would not eat a taco salad for a few more days. However, if you do decide to get one, do not eat the shell. Those corn tortilla strips (and the tortilla bowl it probably comes in) will leave grainy bits in your mouth as you chew and the bits could possibly get into the healing hole. That would be bad! I%26#039;d stick to the veggie and meat parts only. And DRINK %26amp; SWISH after each bite to help keep food particles out of your healing part!!
Reply:LOL, I had all of mine pulled a few years ago and it seems you crave spices? Anything you can chew you can eat! Try not to get food into socket though! And DO NOT DRINK OUT OF A STRAW! Dry socket is very painful! That is when your blood clot comes out!
Reply:It%26#039;s the tortilla chips and the meat that are the reasons for not having this today. The chips are too hard and crunchy which could stab or traumatize the extraction site and the meat being grainy could get lodged in the socket area being difficult to remove without disturbing the clot. You can have caffeine or coffee today since it%26#039;s been over 24 hours since the extraction was done. I always advise patients to stay with soft foods for a couple of days or so after an extraction just to be safe though. No sence in disturbing that clot unless you want a dry socket and un godly pain along with it!
Reply:Your choice. Watch out for the taco part - the crunchy shell part because that can irritate it. But you should be fine with everything else. Just make sure to rinse the are well with warm salt water when you%26#039;re done. And if it%26#039;s bugging you while you%26#039;re eating then stop.
Reply:stick with yougart and lightly warmed easy to eat soup.think of it as the pulled tooth;ll be able to eat all you desire soon enough..let your muth heal


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