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I just had 10 teeth extracted and i wanted to how much swelling is "normal'?

I%26#039;m 17 and i had my all four wisdom teeth extracted as well as 6 baby teeth, I%26#039;ve experienced a lot of swelling, its causing me ears to hurt and bad head aches, the Dr. said that is normal and to keep my head elevated throughout the night... but I%26#039;m a little nervous about the swelling

I just had 10 teeth extracted and i wanted to how much swelling is %26quot;normal%26#039;?
Very normal. Let me put it this way: You have just had 10 teeth %26quot;ripped%26quot; from their sockets, and the ligaments that attached the teeth to the bone have been severed. Blood rushes to these areas and swelling and inflammation occurs. Not only do you have to contend with the pain and swelling from that, nerves and blood vessel that run from these teeth and through your head swell with blood and pain is felt all over your head, hence, the headache you have experienced, which is very normal for the amount of work you had done.

If you are following your dentists post extraction instructions, no drinking from a straw, no smoking, etc, everything should be healed within 10 days or so.

Keep taking Advil or ibprofen and antiinflammitories for the pain and swelling, and you should be just fine.
Reply:Keep your head elevated, keep your feet elevated. Take it easy. Put ice bags on your face both sides to help the swelling. Don%26#039;t keep rinsing out if it is the first day of the extractions.
Reply:I had 14 upper teeth extracted last tuesday, I had a large amount of swelling for about 3 days, and one of the extraction sites got really messed up and it is still a little swollen. It goes away pretty fast since your mouth heals the fastest out of your whole body, swelling occurs because you suffered a serious injury and your body %26#039;rushes%26#039; in to protect it from further damage, and repairs it fast(to put it in lamens terms).

And why do you still have baby teeth at 17 years old? They should have been gone at like, 12....

And the novacaine shots repeatedly to a certain area can cause a good amount of swelling(and needle like pain in that area for quite some time)

Just stick with it, take ibruprofren or pain killers if your dentist prescribed them to deal with your pain, and cold compresses/head elevated while you sleep at night.
Reply:Head elevated is a good thing and you may notice the swelling increasing the first couple of days, that is common. By the 3rd day you should be at your maximum of swelling and then start to see a decrease. Keep taking the Tylenol or the analgesic your dentist recommended (every 4 hours is the usual recommended dose). Baby teeth normally aren%26#039;t a major issue, wisdom teeth can be some times, but remember you had a lot of teeth taken out so take it easy for a couple of days. Salt water rinses every 2-3 hours will be most beneficial for you now (1 tsp salt to 8 ounces of warm water) don%26#039;t swish it just hold it gently in your mouth for 20-30 seconds and expectorate. I know it tastes bad, but the salt water will help immensely remove swelling and increase healing. Good luck hope you feel better soon! Call you dentists if you have any questions, they don%26#039;t mind. (Soft foods and jello are a good thing until you feel better) :o)

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