Monday, April 20, 2009

I had my Wisdom Teeth Removed exactly 8 days ago. Last night my lower right stiches opened up?

What should I do? I tried to call my Dr. but it%26#039;s saturday and it looks weird. I looked at all the rest of the extraction sites and they appear closed. I was was brushing and the tooth brush slipped. I%26#039;m now afraid to eat or anything because it looks like a hole that goes into my jaw... please respond..

I had my Wisdom Teeth Removed exactly 8 days ago. Last night my lower right stiches opened up?
if you eat try to chew on the other side. i had the same thing happen with one of mine. as long as you don%26#039;t get it filled with food,it will be fine. if it does get filled with food the dentist will need to clean it out. no problems. don%26#039;t worry, let your dentist alone for the weekend. give him a call Monday, if you want.
Reply:you should watch the area for redness and pain..if you are not feeling any...when you eat make sure you rinse your mouth with salt water..get a hold of your dentist on monday..this sounds normal..the stitches will come out on their own and its 8 days i really wouldnt worry too much unless you have pain
Reply:Because mouths are so vascular (that is they have a massive blood supply) they heal much faster than other parts of the body. If you have a gaping hole then it will probably need re-suturing so I suggest you call youre doctor of go to youre nearest accident/emergency ward. You need treatment.
Reply:ok i had a rear moller removed just months ago, not a wisdom tooth and no stitches , but dont panic. Eat soft foods only, chewing on the opposite side obviously, and gargle GENTLY(lightly swish it around) with salt water after eating. If there is no major bleeding, relax dont do any exercise and call the dentist on monday.
Reply:i just got mine pulled 3 days ago and the doc told me that the stitches should come out in 9-10 days. so it might just be normal.

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