Thursday, April 16, 2009

Teeth problem?

1.) what is the role of flouride in toothpaste?

2.) according to scientists, in what two ways does flouride combat tooth decay?

3.) why have people added it to drinking supplies? is this practive good or bad?

4.) what is dental fluorisis?

5.) what is skeletal fluorisis?

6.) why must toothpaste be spit out?

7.) what did dr. frederick mckay discover were the so-called %26quot;colorado stain?%26quot;


if you know the answer of some of this questions, please indicate the number so it will be clearer for me to understand. ok?! pls and give me a brief explanation. ty! ^_^♥

Teeth problem?






Reply:teeth problems isnt this homework help call your dentist
Reply:I would respectfully suggest that this is YOUR class assignment. By the time you have typed all of this up here, you could have looked up each one of these answers. If they are not in your textbook or class notes, they are easily found by a quick Google search.

For instance, you can find the answers to one of your questions here:

And no, I won%26#039;t put the number here to make it easier for you! This is YOUR assignment.
Reply:Flouride was added to the water supply to help people who either couldn%26#039;t afford to visit a dentist or make time to visit a dentist. There is a belief that it is no longer needed since we have it in our tooth pastes now and that it is dangerous in high levels, and that many people are getting too much.

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