Thursday, April 16, 2009

Is there a problem with my wisdom teeth or TMJ?

I went to the dentist today and they did an xray, and a examination. After everything, he said all four wisdom tooth %26quot;can be pulled%26quot; as if it was just a mere preference, and that I have symptoms of tmj. I went mainly b/c of a jaw pain, he seemed in a hurry and it%26#039;s a place that specializes in TMJ as well. My wisdom tooth on the lower right has started protruding out and I think that%26#039;s the problem, this DR. seemed to just say it was both. But i really feel like he%26#039;s just mentioning the tmj b/c he%26#039;s a specialist, and thinks everyone needs it, and instead kinda just brushed my wisdom tooth part that was a minor problem. Does jaw pain usually go away after wisdom tooth are taken out? Also, am I going to the wrong Dr.?

Is there a problem with my wisdom teeth or TMJ?
I think you should get another opinion from another dentist just ot make sure. for wisdom teeth the jaw pain may go away but not for the first couple week depending on drugs you take and pain tolerance.

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Reply:Getting your wisdom teeth out will ease the pressure on your jaw that%26#039;s causing the pain, so yes! The only reason they do come out is because they are 1) too big for your jaw so there%26#039;s no room or 2) growing in weird. Mine were impacted so the dental surgeon put me under, cut into my gums and scooped them out...didn%26#039;t feel a thing, felt like a had a 2 minute power nap. Afterwards it looked like I hit a parked car at 40 km/hour but still they give you damn good meds for that and you sleep through most of it. So yeah if you%26#039;re dentist speeds you through like that I%26#039;d go and get another opinion from someone else. He obviously doesn%26#039;t give a rat%26#039;s *** about you just wants your money, so go get a couple of opinions from different dentists and see which one you like the most.
Reply:Get another dentist opinion.


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