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4 month old teething symptoms? Dr. said no.?

Dr. said he%26#039;s not teething, but he is rubbing ears and side of face hard. No ear infection yet they won%26#039;t tell me that he may be feeling his teeth under the gums begin to hurt. Isn%26#039;t the rubbing of ears and side of face a sign of teething as well?

4 month old teething symptoms? Dr. said no.?
I would say he is teething. With my first 2 children every time I even attempted to suggest that anything was from teething I was blown off. I am on my 3rd baby and we have a different doctor now. We went to his 4 month check up and it was the doctor that pointed out that he was teething when I had been blowing it all off because of my experience with the other 2. I told the new doctor about what had happened with the other 2 children when they were babies and she said that many doctors don%26#039;t just want to blame stuff on teething just in case something else is going that needs to be looked at. Some babies are very sensitive to the whole teething process while others aren%26#039;t. Some of the symptoms of teething are also the symptoms of colds and infections and other childhood aliments. Many doctors want to look every thing else just in case it is something else.

I also feel that lots of things that babies do can%26#039;t be scientifically tested and from the science point of view if it can%26#039;t be proven with solid results and evidence, then it isn%26#039;t true. However, every mother from any generation will be able to tell you what babies do when they teeth, when they go through growth spurts, when they do the things they do. Like babies like rattles. This isn%26#039;t anything new to anyone. Humans have known this for generations and centuries. It is one of those things that have been passed down from generation to generation for a long time. Well the same holds true for teething. Any great grandma out there will be able to tell you when the baby is teething, even when the doctors say no.

My first son got his first tooth at 3 1/2 months. At his 2month check up I told the doctor that I thought he was starting to teeth and I could see the little tooth right under the gums. The doctor looked in his mouth and said that no he wasn%26#039;t teething and that he was too young still. He told me that about a month before a tooth comes in he will slobber more and really it shouldn%26#039;t be that bothersome to my son but it was too early and not to worry about it yet, he might be starting by the 4 month check up but not now. Well a month and half later my son had his first tooth and a week after that he had his 2nd tooth.

Doctors know many things, but they don%26#039;t know everything. They aren%26#039;t right 100% of the time. If that was true, there wouldn%26#039;t be as many lawsuits as there are. You are mom and you know your baby better then anyone else. Trust your instincts
Reply:He%26#039;s teething. Doctors know a lot, but not everything. My son started teething at 4 months, even though no teeth showed up until he was 7 months. But those suckers start to hurt early on. If they%26#039;re really bugging him, try giving a very small amount of infant Tylenol to take the edge off the pain. It worked for my baby.
Reply:I%26#039;ve never heard of ear-rubbing as a sign of teething.

A baby of four months old could be teething, but its also entirely possible he won%26#039;t get any teeth for months. (My daughter had no teeth until around her first birthday.) Babies generally get the two bottom/front teeth first and then the two top/front teeth. It seems to me rubbing the side of his face wouldn%26#039;t seen to be connected with getting those first two or four teeth.

I%26#039;m wondering if he has some ear problem that may not yet be an infection. Congestion can cause ear discomfort. Also, is there any chance the skin on his face and ear could be slightly irritated (maybe by a fabric he%26#039;s been near) and causing him enough discomfort to call his attention to it?
Reply:He is teething. If you do not feel comfortable giving him Tylenol then you can use baby orajel. He may not like the taste but it does help. Doctors don%26#039;t always know what they are talking about, believe I know. I almost always ask for a second opinion if I feel there is more to it.
Reply:My sister used frozen waffles to ease the pain, her kids LOVED them! If a Doc has examined your son and found no ear infection or anything else wrong, try it. Cut the Eggo into 1/4 sized pieces, keep them frozen and see if it helps. Kids go through phases on thier own time, some sooner, some later. He%26#039;ll just knaw on it, it couldn%26#039;t hurt!
Reply:he%26#039;s teething, all 3 of my kids started early and all had teeth by 5 months.
Reply:It could be anything but my son used to pull his ears %26amp; his face would start to go red when he was getting teeth. My son was around 5 months when he got his first tooth so it could well be. If he is in discomfort try these tablets they are the best thing for teething - HYLANDS Teething Relief - Purchased from the chemist. Good luck and if it doesn%26#039;t get any better then take him to the chemist and ask them what they think, they can usually tell if it%26#039;s anything to serious.
Reply:My son did this a lot! It was always the same ear and everything! The doctor told me not to worry about it because he never had anything wrong. It could be that he found his ear like mine did! He played with that thing all day long and I swore he had an infection or a problem but it never happened. Sometimes they find something new and just play with it constantly. As long as he doesn%26#039;t like hes in any pain and is doing just fine, i would say just let it go.
Reply:Dr%26#039;s always think of teething as %26quot;a tooth will be popping through any day now.%26quot; But teething is a process and a very long and painful one at that. I would bet his teeth are shifting around, moving into position for when the first ones start to emerge.

So even if he doesn%26#039;t get any teeth for a couple months, don%26#039;t think you were wrong.

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