Monday, April 20, 2009

Help my poor cat had eight teeth pulled yesterday. she looks like she's in pain?

I just want to know if there is anything I can do for her? She is so unhappy and the dr. didn%26#039;t give her any pain med%26#039;s just antibiotics. My mom said maybe I could put some Lavender Oil under her lil%26#039; blanket but I don%26#039;t want to make her more nauseous. I%26#039;m waking for the dr. to call but she doesn%26#039;t seem to think that my cat feels pain when I give her Insuline twice a day and I know it hurts her! Please Help!

Help my poor cat had eight teeth pulled yesterday. she looks like she%26#039;s in pain?
No Tylenol, it%26#039;s poisonous to animals. If she is diabetic I would definitely consult the vet about pain meds. Surely they can give her something.
Reply:Poor kitty. OMG. I feel so sorry for her. Why don%26#039;t you call the vet and see if it%26#039;s ok to give her a tylenol? If it is I would go get her the kind for infants because it is liquid. Just send someone to get it for you because you don%26#039;t need to leave her there by herself.
Reply:ah poor kitty um can%26#039;t u ask a different vet to give u some pain killer or something?thats all i can think of.
Reply:You need to demand pain meds for your cat from your vet. And when this crisis is over, I would suggest you shop around for a new vet. I have had both diabetic and non-diabetic kitties that had tooth extractions. My Vet sent us home with pain meds and antibiotics as a matter of course.
Reply:Do not give her anything that is for humans. Human meds are not for animals. I was told that Tylenol will kill a cat.

To your question can cats feel pain. Yes....and they need a pain reliever from the vets. I am so surprised that you vet didn%26#039;t give you something for her.

I have a cat with diabetes also and I give a shot twice a day. I give her a treat right after the shot so she puts up with the discomfort. I have a cat that had an operation recently and the vet gave her pain meds.

I think I would look for a different vet. One with some consideration for the comfort of your pet.

Good luck!
Reply:I would call the vet back up and ream him out. How humane is it to pull 8 teeth and not give the damn cat medicine? That%26#039;s horrible. Call them up and demand pain meds, or you%26#039;re going to turn them in for animal abuse.
Reply:Don%26#039;t ask the Vet - TELL the Vet to give/recommend something!


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