Monday, April 20, 2009

Help Pain Wisdome teeth?

Hey, I cant get in to see a denthist for like 4 weeks (they are packed) and im having so much pain i cant sleep i have taken everything over the counter to help and orajel doesnt help at all! any advise?

p.s I cant see a diff dr because of INS reasons.

Help Pain Wisdome teeth?
Gargle a mixture of salt and warm water or gargle a shot of whiskey or rum for curbing pain due to teething %26quot;wisdom teeth%26quot;. More remedies and information regarding your wisdom teeth at
Reply:If the pain is due to a tooth decay then am afraid a dentist may be the only remedy. If it is coming form the gums around the tooth especially when the tooth is just coming out, as most wisdom tooth do, you may try the following while waiting for your dentist. Desolve salt in warm water to a level you can bare as I should warn you is it sometimes pain full but it works. Linse your mouth with the salty water you just made at least twice a day Morning after tooth brushing and in the evening the last thing before going to sleep. This will reduce the amount of infection around the growing tooth and gradually reduce the pain you are experiencing. If this works please DO NOT STOP going to the dentist. They will eliminate all the infection and clear the gums for you.
Reply:Impacted wisdom teeth hurt! Try 800 mg of advil 3 times a day.

If that does not help, ask them to call you if they have a cancellation.
Reply:We had to wait to see the dentist as well. My husband was in a lot of pain from wisdom teeth, and was perscibed 800 mg. of ibuprophen (works best for tooth pain according to the dentist) It really helped. If you can%26#039;t get any strong enough, try to see your regular doctor before hand for a perscription.
Reply:Florinal Dental worked wonders for my wisdom teeth

Also the Weiss bars are great for numbing the pain

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