Thursday, April 16, 2009

Help, I'm afraid! Will my dentist just drill all my teeth out?

Okay , I blew it. I haven%26#039;t been to my dentist in 2-3 years, maybe more like 4. I%26#039;ve never been afraid of a dentist or hygeinist before. Now, I know there will be ALOT of work to be done in my mouth. (Include a broken off tooth that%26#039;s below gumline, and its been that way for at least 2 years. That one doesn%26#039;t hurt, but I%26#039;ve never had the rest of the root pulled.)

I stopped going at all because I%26#039;d make an appointment with Dr. A, and end up seeing Dr. B. There were also times I%26#039;d scheduled with Dr. A or B, and ended up having the repairs done by Dr. C. Wait a minute, this is just crazy. They are all associates, but I WANT DR. A! Should I look for a new clinic? Do I just see whomever they feel like having se me?

I forgot to mention the latter two dentists have no personality, and don%26#039;t actually do the same quality of work as Dr. A.

What do I do!?!?!?!?

Help, I%26#039;m afraid! Will my dentist just drill all my teeth out?
I would specifically ask to see Dr.A and tell the receptionist that is who you wish to see, only my dental office I make my appt with my dentist and that is the one you I don%26#039;t know why they would bump you around if you made a appt for a specific dr. If they cannot promise you to see your dentist of choice then try a different office. I just went to the dentist too after many many years of not going and I have a few fillings to do as well (4 with one almost being a root canal) So go in and find out what needs to be done. They won%26#039;t do it all at once thank goodness, usually one or two fillings a appt depending on how serious the work is that is needed.

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