Monday, April 20, 2009

Dr.Sam!! I have a question!!!?

At what age does does your teeth stop growing?

I know that u get a baby tooth then you get a permanent when your permanent teeth is gone theres no more. But i have 3 baby molar and its not thats healthy than my permanent, im thinking of taking them out. Im 16, if i take em out will my permanent molar grow? Answer then please!

Dr.Sam!! I have a question!!!?
By age 16, all adult teeth except wisdoms will have erupted. If you take out the baby teeth then there will be no teeth to replace them. Either, the adult molars will not move at all if they lock in well with the opposing teeth, or worse (and more likely) they will tilt over. They will certainly not drift into a good position automatically. Tilting creates some long-term cleaning and biting problems and is best avoided.

They are more likely to tilt over if you have wisdoms coming up. This is sometimes another reason to extract the wisdoms, and to thus keep the other molars upright.

Orthodontists are often reluctant to try and move molars forward, but it can be done. My wife lost her lower 1st and 2nd molars by the age of 21, and an orthodontist pulled the wisdoms forward into a satisfactory occlusion. Other than that, you can consider bridges or implants (or nothing).

Discuss your particular situation with your dentist and orthodontist.
Reply:I%26#039;m not Sam. If you take the teeth out, the others will not just fill in the holes. They will grow in when they%26#039;re ready.
Reply:Hi there, at the age of 16 all of your permanent teeth should have erupted except to the wisdom teeth. Before you take the baby molars out, xrays must be taken to check the reason for not having these teeth replaced; secondly a decision need to be taken to whether these teeth can be extracted and the possibility of getting the permanent molars drifting to their space or not. Does it seem like you need braces at all? Regards
Reply:As much as I%26#039;d like to answer, I can%26#039;t. I need to see an x-ray. ANY dentist can take an x-ray of your mouth (preferably a panoramic x-ray for this problem) and answer your question in about two seconds. Without the x-ray, I could write a whole book of speculation and I would be wrong. I%26#039;d hate to give you the wrong answer when it is so easy to get the right answer.

I left an answer to your other question, which you must have seen by now, so I won%26#039;t repeat that information.


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