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I suspect i have an abscess tooth & hurt from right to left elbow. is this usual and should i go to dr soon?

my tooth started hurting about a month ago and i%26#039;m not sure it is abscess. Had a root canal 20yrs ago on that tooth. i thought the aching was a side effect of cholesterol meds however, those were stopped over a month ago and the pain in my jaw and arms has worsened. Can the infection from an abscess effect that much of my body?

I suspect i have an abscess tooth %26amp; hurt from right to left elbow. is this usual and should i go to dr soon?
Yes! Yes! Yes!

Please make an appointment for the doctor immediatly!

%26quot;Oral infections are serious matters that should not be taken lightly. Besides the often intense pain associated with dental abscesses, there can be severe medical consequences as well. Gum and tooth infections are capable of spreading to other areas of the head and neck causing potentially life threatening illnesses such as Ludwig%26#039;s Angina.%26quot;

You probably have a bacterial infection that is spreading... like some kind of Streptococcus or something. You may need antibiotics. Infections stemming from the mouth are the worse kind to get, since your mouth is a breeding ground for bacteria and it is easy for the bacteria to get into your blood stream. You must see a doctor, or at the very least, a dentist as soon as possible.

Here are some websites for you to check out...

I hope you feel better... and please get to the doctors as soon as can...

Reply:Yes it is.The same thing happened to me when I was stationed in Iraq lastyear.GO NOW TO THE DOC!!!!!!!!
Reply:YES! GO RIGHT infection from teeth can kill you. The reason your feeling it in other parts of your body is because the infection is in the bone. I went through this and i know the pain. Please go get some antibiotics right away.
Reply:well i hate too alarm u but you do not have a absess tooth you might have heart problems you need to go to the doctor at once ok dont think about it go now
Reply:Get to your dentist immediately. It sounds like you have an infection, but without an x-ray, it%26#039;s only a guess. It could be the root canalled tooth or it could be an adjacent tooth. At any rate, don%26#039;t wait any longer, it will only get worse. In the meantime you could take some motrin (ibuprofen) for the pain and to help with the swelling. Warm compresses help too. I%26#039;m not sure if the aching is related, but discuss that with your dentist. I would also suggest seeing your doctor as well to be on the safe side.

Good luck to you.
Reply:To be honest with you... i%26#039;ve seen and heard of cases like these before from a few patients over the years. And once the patient has gone through the symptoms with the dentist/doctor... he immediately has sent them over to their primary care physician and/or ER... why, you ask? Because, you very well can have an abcess, you just dont know... and neither do Us here on Yahoo. We arent the ones looking in your mouth and feeling your pain.

Sad story here... forewarning

Fact is, an %26#039;abcess%26#039; can do some serious damage, if it has spread into your system (body). And, it CAN KILL YOU! I%26#039;ve seen a dentist, take x%26#039;rays and diagnose an abcess... and it was easy to see on the film, BUT it was so much more than what we could ever have guessed. The infection had spread way to fast and far, beyond our control and we didnt realize it. We extracted that tooth, and sent her on her way... this was a 12 yr old little girl. The next day, she died. The infection had spread and slowly made way into her heart. The doctor (dentist) felt horrible, as well as all of us girls (assistants). Fact is.. we didnt know about the spreading infection. Her father didnt tell us, how much pain she was in and where her pains were at. If we had known, she was hurting in her arms and chest... she might of had a chance. We would have immediately sent her to the ER. The ONLY thing we knew was she walked into our office with a swollen face. It was obvious she had an abcess, and the tooth needed to come out. We took an x%26#039;ray, to confirm it... and then proceeded onto taking it out. We gave her antibotics for the infection.. and sent her on her way. *To this day when we have a patient come in, with an obvious abcess and their face swollen up.. I ask 50 questions, so i can have ALL infomation on where they hurt and so on.

My suggestion to you... SEE A PHYSICIAN... IF you have an abcess, and your pain is now into your elbows...GO..!! You need to be seen by a doctor... NOT a dentist. Safety is first... Always!!
Reply:A close friend to the family of mine, seeming like a 2nd mom to me, just passed away because she had an abscessed tooth. she was taking meds for it and eventually the pain went away so she stopped taking the meds. the infection went to her heart and she just passed away on july 4th from having a stroke. the stroke was so bad it caused a heart attack as well. i watched her lay in acoma for 2 days then she passed away, all because an abscessed tooth. go get it checked out...
Reply:pain in the jaw and arm can signal blocked arteries to the heart...don%26#039;t let that go...get to the dr. right away

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