Monday, April 20, 2009

DR Sam I need ur help! Im worried extremely overwhelmed 24 year old?

I went to mexico thinking i was getting veneers done i came out with crowns. (K9S) I thought they were too sharp. Anyway too make a long excrusiating-heartbreaking story short. The dentist shaved the tooth too much the crown that was put on feel off when eating pizza. my (us) dentist had me get a postcore build up to place a crown on. he had to go beneath the original margin. Help ! I just wanted nice looking str8 teeth and am overwhelmed with fear that this tooth (crown ) will fall off. Please help me out. I cant sleep or enjoy the things i used too. I scared if i drink alchohol it will fall off. I just wanted nice looking teeth. :(

DR Sam I need ur help! Im worried extremely overwhelmed 24 year old?
First of all, I am not DR Sam. Feel free to ignore my answer.

It sounds like you have loose poor fitting crown. I am not sure why the Mexican dentist (why did you even go DOWN there for veneers???) didn%26#039;t give you the veneers you ask for.. oh well.. crown it is. Dental crowns can become loose or poor fitting for a variety of reasons. Bite and occlusal issues are common causes... as well as generalized trauma to the affected tooth. In this case, the crown is new and there is not enough tooth structure to hold it in place (over prep??). In other words, the tooth itself does not have enough retention to hold the crown in place. A new crown usually needs to be made (old crowns typically cannot be re-used) and core build-up is to increase the retension of the tooth structure. As long as the new dentist does a good job making a new crown (Post/Core), you have nothing to worry about.

Another possibility is moisture or other foreign material is contaminating the cementing procedure and the cement cannot harden properly. It%26#039;s probably not the case here since your new dentist made new post/core bulidup.
Reply:Thanks Angela. I%26#039;ve been away for a couple of days. Not that any dentist couldn%26#039;t asnwer this question...

Kelly, I agree with Angela%26#039;s answer 100%. Just get the crown redone correctly and consider it a lesson learned. Hopefully, there is enough tooth left ot work with.

I hope the others who are always asking about dental care in a foreign country read your message. SOME Mexican dentists are surely wonderful and we can not condemn even a single Mexican or other foreign dentist based on your experience. The problem here, though, is that you ended up needing follow-up care and then went back to your %26quot;regular%26quot; dentist in the US anyway. How difficult that must have been for you both!


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