Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Valplast partial denture question?

Dr Tom here on Yahoo Answers said you cannot use VP Denture if you don't have the back teeth.

Dr Sam said you can use them.

I am confused . Who is right???

Here is the answer of Dr Tom

if you are missing a couple teeth here and there then they are a good choice. if you are missing more than 5 then this is not an option for you. also, if you don't have any back teeth then you cannot use a valplast partial. their flexibility leads to movement and sliding while you are chewing if you try to replace too many teeth. also, they are definitely not as easy to adjust as it's made to seem.

they are definitely prettier than a metal partial but what you gain in appearance, you lose in function.


i'm a dentist and i've done numerous valplast cases.

Valplast partial denture question?
Guess you are confused by the seemingly conflicting answers. Actually, both are correct in their own way.

I have made many Valplast partials with varying degrees of success. Yes, it is very hard to adjust the clasps if the patient needs them tightened, so the more teeth that are replaced the worse this problem becomes. These clasps are not as secure on teeth as the "ugly" metal ones but, if the patient knows this going in, then they just have to accept the trade off. So, you see, you can use these if you don't have back teeth, there just is a trade off in stability. In any case, no matter what type of partial you have made, if you are missing a back support tooth, there will be movement....just more so with the Valplast. Hope I didn't confuse you any more!!

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