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How would you lower your blood pressure before a Dr.'s appointment? Does aspirin lower blood pressure?

The Situation: My boyfriend couldn't get his tooth pulled because they said his blood pressure was too high. So I need to find out what he can do to lower it for the next visit.

How would you lower your blood pressure before a Dr.'s appointment? Does aspirin lower blood pressure?
Aspirin does not lower blood pressure.

Slow regular breathing often reduces blood pressure

Any diuretic will reduce blood pressure.

he should not rush up to the doctor as this increases blood pressure.

He should stay calm and unworried as stress increases blood pressure.

There are other drugs to reduce blood pressure but these dhould ne prescribed by a doctor.
Reply:Drinking water will make your blood pressure go up. Just so ya know.
Reply:No aspirin will not lower his blood pressure. Have him see an MD about this problem.
Reply:Aspirin keeps the blood from clotting. He would need to see his doctor on how best to handle the blood pressure issue.
Reply:The more important question is, does he have chronic hypertension? If he does (go to the doc to get this diagnosed) he may need medication to lower his BP. Temporarily fixing it just to get a tooth pulled can be dangerous as hypertension can increase your risk of stoke and heart attack immensly.

Please read this:
Reply:I heard that garlic and vinegar in a jar, taken once a day , will lower your blood pressure and. Just drop several cloves in a jar with vinegar, let set overnight , the take a spoonful . Some of our senior citizens swears by it
Reply:Do you think they have those rules for no apparent reason?

If his pressure is that high I would say that the tooth is second on the list. Do you want him to stroke out?

Take him to the primary and get him on some blood pressure meds, Then worry about the tooth.
Reply:He should get a check up. High BP may cause other problems as well. One should be sure to rule them out. Simple sedation might help. Previous night he should sleep well. One hour b4 going for the appointment also he should take a pill. Alprazolam 0.25 mg. , 2 at bed time the previous day, and 1 b4 going to the dentist may be tried.

Good luck!

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