Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Does anyone know an agency that helps with pet Dr. bills?

I have a maltese I adopted from the streets he was badly abused,and I just found out he has to get ALL his teeth pulled or it could kill him. Money is a huge problem, I cant afford to pay but he and I have a bestfriend connection.I dont want to lose him or give him away to someone that could pay the bill, because what if they wont love him as much as me!

If anyone could let me know if there is way to get this done Hopefully in the Connecticut area,I would appreciate the help.

Does anyone know an agency that helps with pet Dr. bills?
If the dog appears to be purebred, immediately contact the Maltese breed rescue group in your area. I'll see if I can find the info and if I can, I'll link to it below.

I'm also going to link to the HSUS page about help for vet care for dogs.

You may also want to talk to some local vets and see if they know of any organizations that help out with vet bills in dire circumstances.

Call your local SPCA unit and talk to them about finding a low-cost possibly subsidized clinic. You may be able to find a $2000 surgery for closer to $500.

Whatever organizations you talk to, offer to donate your time to fundraising, cleaning cages, going to rescue events, anything that you can do to help the cause.

The teeth are probably one of the reasons the dog was dumped. People get toy dogs because they are cute but then never do the homework that goes with having them. Bad teeth is a fairly common problem in toy dogs and people just aren't prepared. Shame on them.

But, kudos to you on saving this little dog and I hope that you are able to find someone to help!
Reply:Ask your local humane society. That's how I ended up getting insurance for my dog. Or call some of the vet's offices and ask them if they accept any insurances, then get their numbers and ask for rates.
Reply:sorry i cant help you but try asking the vet or a humane society i hope for the best for you and your little Maltese
Reply:Are the teeth already pulled? If not, Petsmart has an insurance plan that you can use. It can really help for big time bills like this. Also, can you talk to your vet about an installment plan since it was a rescue and you are doing such a good deed?

I'm sorry I can't help more, but I do hope you find your answer. Thank you for what you did and thank you for rescueing!!
Reply:I did a quick search, I don't know where in CT you are but check out these places... offers no cost emergency care to low-income families.

ummmmmm.... call your local humane society/SPCA as well... that's the only low/no cost place I could find in your state?
Reply:Look up the maltese rescue group in your city or state. They may be able to help, but they can probably refer you to a rescue group.

Also, email all your pet-loving friends, coworkers, family, and acquaintances. Explain the situation and seek donations, even $10 or $20 here or there will help.

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