Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Dr. Sam, some help please!!!?

I had an abscessed tooth (molar from the back of my right down side) aproximately in june. this because of a dentist who instead of going through a root canal treatment just clea nmy cavity and placed me a filling. I went back to him because i felt some pain and sensibility. (this was in May). Time passed and i got my abscess (i had it untreated until september). The dentist started the root treatment but wasn´t doing it correctly. I changed dentist and had a good job. However i kind of feel soemthing there (not pain) perhaps some sensibility. I´m really afraid another abscess forms and i have to get it pulled. Does abscess repeat too often in patients? what is my probability? help!!!!!!!!!!!!1

Dr. Sam, some help please!!!?
Smileman has given you an accurate answer, but don't panic yet. Root canal treatment is not a magical cure that instantly makes you feel better. It is the first step in allowing your body to heal itself. Since your problem was untreated or treated poorly for such a long time, we can expect that it is going to take a little longer to get better. I'd guess (not seeing you or your x-ray) that it could take six weeks or so before you are really feeling like it's all better.
Reply:Abscess repeats too often in my case. I don't really know about others but it can raise havock once it gets started. If I were you, I would go back to your last dentist and have him check it out.
Reply:U should go and see ur dentist...An exam and xray will reveal if ther is a problem with the root canal...Did u every get a build up and crown done? Those are very important to have done after a root canal. Good luck!
Reply:An abscess if untreated for several months can lead to cyst forming on the tip of the tooth. It is the bodies way of controlling the infection and getting rid of the tooth. Sometimes following a RCT (root canal therapy) you have to have the tip of the tooth removed in order for the cyst to be removed. I would recommend you see a specialist, Endodontist. But if your just experiencing some sensitivity, see your dentist for a re-evaluation of the treatment.
Reply:is the filling too high, that can make your tooth sensitive to, especially when you bite down??? yikes too bad about your first experience.

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