Sunday, August 2, 2009

On my last trip to dentist he cracked a filling.Is the taste in my mouth mercury? It's making my tongue numb.

The dentist even laughed when he did it.Oh, he said .It looks like you"ll be making an appmt. I'm ready to have all (3 or 4) so called silver fillngs removed but fear the pain,extra loss of my real teeth, and post discomfort. I have plans to travel to another counry to visit a friend in 4 weeks and want to have the work done in the UK. The cost is afordable. What Questions should I ask the DR.? My friend has used this dentist . I feel that the Dr. that crack my filling should fix it.My ?? is ,did he just find something that was going to happen soon? Or would my tooth lasted another yr. or 2. Can anyone help with questions and frustations? I don't want to bore anyone with a long story.

On my last trip to dentist he cracked a filling.Is the taste in my mouth mercury? It's making my tongue numb.
If the filling cracked it was probably weak already.
Reply:Why are you having those fillings removed? There is nothing wrong with silver fillings. Some dentists will tell you they are bad just to get more money out of you. Change dentists.
Reply:Go back to your original dentist. You should have at least that cracked filling replaced before your trip.. The crack my extend into the tooth and can be big problems for you if you don't catch it quick...He may do it for nothing if you insist but if your fillings were old, 5 years or more, I doubt it... Save your teeth at all cost!... The taste is probably a bit of decay that was under that old cracked filling... Not sure about the numbness, I think your tongue is naturally going to the area where the tooth is crack and has just become irritated. Mercury in filling is very minuet. It's an amalgam of different metals... Just go get it fixed and enjoy your trip. Nothing is a good as what God gave you, so fix'em so you don't lose'em
Reply:Its good to ask a real pro for advice but from what I have heard silver fillings do contain mercury which is toxic, how much of it is in there though I don't know.

My dentist usually gives my fillings a tug to make sure they aren't loose. The way I see it I have porcelain fillings and they have been in there for years so I would expect them to fail at some point unless I got lucky but then again I don't know what the expected lifetime is on a filling? I know you feel frustrated but as a professional dentist you would guess that he wouldn

t have done something bad on purpose.

The question is kind of complex, did he install the filling, how old is it? The failure of the filling may also have something to do with the way it was put in if its wasn't done properly then that could be part of the reason it failed so its hard to put all of the blame on him, how would you prove that it was put in properly?
Reply:You may wish to read a good article called "Fillings Get Smaller…and Smaller" you can find it at:




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