Sunday, August 2, 2009

Addiction problem?

March 20 2007 I relized I had a problem with pain pills and decided to quit. Since May 2007 I have not takin anything except vitamins. 2 weeks ago I had 2 teeth cut out because I was in a car wreck my dr gave me percocets. I wasnt going to take them but the pain became to much. Now I have relized I am pregnant so I threw the pills away and I again have that want and need and I am very scared.I cant make it go away and it is becoming overwhelming. Will this hurt my baby? I have not takin anything since I relized I was pregnant but I am very stressed and don't know what to do.

Addiction problem?
now that you are pregnant you do need to be careful what you are taking. i would check with your doctor about the affects on the baby. but as far as getting over the addiction. i have had friends in similar condtions. why dont you try a hobby. find something like maybe a song. or a book. or by hard candy. an everytime you feel the need to take the drug try your alternative. keep a strong mind and make sure you keep telling yourself that you can accomplish this. once you have the feeling you are becoming week then the addiction starts to take over. so when you crave eat candy. take a bath. do something calming. my friend started buying yoga tapes. try something like this. i hope this help you =]]
Reply:you already know the answer- addiction is a lame excuse.
Reply:Addiction problems can be removed when You read good and spiritual articles,walk,watch good programs on Television,listen good music,write your thoughts and keep busy in good activities.
Reply:Go see the doctor immediately! Withdrawls are dangerous even if you are not pregnet. There is help there, don't befraid to ask nor should you be ashamed to ask for help, you will be respected for getting help, this more of a common thing than you think. It don't take long for dependency on opiates to occur. heck, most athletes who have been injured has had this problem. Withdrawls include, sleeplessness, cramping, diarreah, labored breathing, some cases are fatal. But that is rare. I was once addicted too, and I got 7 minutes sleep in 3 days! I could hardly breathe and i was dizzy too. I had diareah 13 times within 1 hour without anything to eat. Thankfully, I didn't have a child to worry about. Good Luck. Just call the dock, make it an immediate consult so you don't have to wait! This is urgent!


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